音楽家・大野哲二によるサウンド/ビジュアルプロジェクト。 90年代半ばより都内を中心にDJとしてのキャリアを経た後、本格的に楽曲制作をスタートさせる。
アートフェスティバルでのパフォーマンスや「Sunscape Festival(マルタ)」などの野外フェス、「FILE(ブラジル)」での インスタレーション展示も行う。
ソロ作品の他に、カナダのビジュアルアーティスト「Push 1 stop」との共作や、メディアーティスト山本信一とのフルドーム作品など、コラボレーションも多数。

Intercity-Express is an audio/visual project by musician Tetsuji Ohno. After a D.J. career, mainly in Tokyo from the mid-’90s, Ohno started producing his music in earnest.
Since 2014, in parallel with his work in advertising music, he began to produce results in the visual programming arena and presented his A/V work, “triggering.”
His sound draws inspiration from musical genres such as house, techno, noise, and electronica.
It is synchronized with visuals centered around intuitive generative design and color patterns, which is then performed live, mainly in overseas venues.
Headline appearances include events such as “MUTEK” (Canada, Mexico, Spain, Tokyo), “Scopitone” (France), “H.P.L.” (Russia), “A.V.A.” (Northern Ireland), and “L.E.V.” (Spain).
He’s also performed at art festivals and outdoor events such as “Sunscape Festival” (Malta), and created installations at “FILE” (Brazil).
Besides his solo works, he’s been involved in many collaborations, such as co-productions with Canadian visual artist “Push 1 stop” and fulldome works with media artist Synichi Yamamoto.
Also, in terms of his domestic music activities, he engages in experiential works that connect the five senses through sound. Not only in television commercials but also in a wide variety of media such as the surrounding design of extensive state-owned facilities, the development of car navigation system sounds for auto manufacturers, and the production of interactive content for commercial facilities.