Double Cosmos

Initially presented as an improvisation piece at audio visual event held at "SuperDeluxe" in Roppongi, Tokyo in 2013. Since then, we have been continuing to work on different versions of this art project with various updates on live performance, installation, multiple screens, etc.

The concept is to create macro zoom-like feeling. To visualize it, images of the micro-world such as the birth of life, the world inside the womb, atom, molecule, etc. and images of the macro world such as space, universe, etc. are arranged to seamlessly move in and out. Our approach to this piece of art is to express abstract view of the world by using various colorful patterns of motion graphics.

2013年に六本木の「SuperDeluxe」で行われたオーディオビジュアルイベントでインプロビゼーションとして発表。 その後、ライブやインスタレーション、マルチスクリーンなど、バージョンをアップデートしながら発表し、とり組み続けているアート作品です。


Art work by
  • Synichi Yamamoto
  • Tetsuji Ohno(Intercity-Express)