Today, the precise outline of the continents and the oceans on this earth can be accurately observed and mapped out, enabling us to experience it through high definition images.
On the other hand, when you think about the time and how far people can travel across borders due to development of physical infrastructure (i.e. transportation system), it can be said that the outline is constantly changing beyond its actual shape.
Communication infrastructure (i.e. internet, radio waves) also adds another perspective to the picture in that it nullifies the original meaning of position coordinate on earth’s surface, as we are in a state where our minds and senses are always interwoven with one another.
Setting the theme of “change” and “nullification” of the outline on earth, we have taken the earth’s continents that have formed themselves over millions of years and expressed the state of dissolution using a physics simulator.
What we have achieved as a result is a visualization of the earth under transformation, far removed from its familiar shape where the concept of location is changed by infrastructure, and a work that is both photorealistic and abstract at the same time.

“Immense veins” was presented at “Shinjuku Creators Festa 2017” on “Digital Signage EST VISION by LUMINE EST” located at the east exit of Shinjuku Station, deploying multisource visions showing different versions between day and night.


本作品は「新宿クリエイターズ・フェスタ2017」において、新宿駅東口の「デジタルサイネージ EST VISION by LUMINE EST」で、昼と夜で表情が変わるマルチソース展開しました。

Art work by
  • Seiichi Sega + Takuya Aoki
  • Tetsuji Ohno(Intercity-Express)