Dark Energy and Dimension A

An artwork presented at ‘Shinjuku Creators Festa 2015’ for our 3rd participation in the event since 2013.
We worked on this piece around the same time that we made the film ‘The Man from the 9 Dimensions’, dealing with a mutual theme of elementary particle physics, but with a completely different approach. It is an art of motion graphics inspired by a theory that ‘all matter originates from vibration’ and that ‘these vibrations appear completely at random’. This work involves various tools and techniques of motion graphics. We first built an effect system that generates incidental patterns using ‘Flint’ and injected motion graphics pieces to the system, achieving unpredictable image patterns as a result of the interaction. Then, inspired by these image patterns, we went on to give feedback to the effect and edit the image by the frame. A relatively traditional method of time slice was also used in the process. By employing the same shape in the grid to slice the image and to input graphics, we were able to create image patterns that are beyond our thoughts and imaginations, while still being true to the grid system. This motion graphics successfully depicts incidental patterns with a unified taste.

同時期にとり組んでいた、素粒子物理学をテーマにした作品「9次元からきた男」とは異なるアプローチで、同様のテーマに向き合ってみました。 「万物の全てのものは振動で出来ている」、そして「それらは完全にランダムに出現する」という理論にインスパイアされて、テーマにしたモーショングラフィックアート作品です。 "Flint"で、偶発的なパターンが生成されるエフェクトシステムを作って、そのシステムに一度作ったモーショングラフィックピースを入れ、その結果得られる予期せぬ映像パターンにインスパイアされて、さらに再びエフェクトにフィードバックしたり、映像をコマ単位で編集して入れ替えたりして構成しています。

Art work by
  • Synichi Yamamoto
  • Tetsuji Ohno(Intercity-Express)