Ancient Movements

After completing our project of data visualization named "Kiseki - The Movements" based on the theme of "migration of the human race", we created this project of art as its continuation. While the preceding project was based on faithful visualization of data, we took a different approach to this project by featuring abstract images where visual scenes of prehistory of human kind were depicted.
During "Shinjuku Creators Festa 2013", this project was launched by exhibiting different images on multiple displays hanging on the poles at "SIGNAGE EST VISION by LUMINE", which is located in east exit of Shinjyuku Station.

人類の移動をテーマにしたデータービジュアライゼーション「軌跡~The Movements」にとり組んだ後、その延長線にあるアート作品として制作。 データに忠実に可視化した前作に対して、抽象的なイメージのアプローチで人類史以前の地球の情景をイメージした作品です。
新宿クリエイターズ・フェスタ2013で、新宿駅東口のサイネージEST VISION by LUMINEにおいてマルチソース展開しました。

Art work by
  • Synichi Yamamoto
Motion Graphic Designer
  • Yuriko Katagi
  • Tetsuji Ohno(Intercity-Express)