Moment in Composition (2019)

This work exhibited at the "ETERNAL" exhibition held at Haneda Airport as part of the "Japanese cultural media arts dissemination initiative in airports and other institutions." sponsored by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Seiichi Sega, a creative technologist, was inspired by the creation of the Qilin Mon Mandala by Shoryu Hatoba and Yohji Hatoba, Kamon (Family Crest) Artists.
The technique of designing a Kamon by combining precise circles, a method inherited by the Hatoba family from the Edo period, was applied to the waveforms drawn by Seiichi Sega using physical simulation. Seiichi Sega finds the beauty and harmony of nature in the concise line combinations of precise circles of various sizes. It superimposes the natural scenery created by chance, such as waves and topography, to express the "moment in composition" of the beauty of his work.
Experimental electronic musician Kyoka created a vast space surrounded by three screens with ripples on three sides of the screen to create a visualization of sound along the x, y, and z axes.

文化庁主催による「空港等におけるメディア芸術日本文化発信事業」プロジェクトの一環として、羽田空港にて行われた「ETERNAL ~千秒の清寂」展に出品した作品。
本作は波戸場 承龍・耀次氏によってデザインされた「麒麟紋曼荼羅」の制作アプローチにインスピレーションを受けて、制作しました。
紋章上繪師である波戸場氏の江戸時代から続く正円を組み合わせてデザインする紋章上繪の 技法を瀬賀誠一による物理シミュレーションで描かれた波形に応用。 大小様々な正円の簡潔な線による組み合わせに自然の美、調和を見出だし波や地形など偶然 性に出来たような風景に重ね合わせ、美しさの"構成の瞬間"を表現しました。

Art work by
  • Seiichi Sega
Artisan of family crest design and painting
  • Shoryu Hatoba
  • Yohji Hatoba
Sound Artist
  • Kyoka
  • In collaboration with MUTEK.JP