This video was created by Synichi Yamamoto for sound artist Corey Fuller's sound installation Sanctuary. This work is the third collaboration with Corey Fuller following "Fragments" in Shinjuku and "Colure" in Ikebukuro. Santuary was exhibited as a unique project for the creator's event "Rooms" held at Yoyogi Gymnasium in Harajuku, Tokyo. We created a simple space of 10m x 20m with two screens set up at right angles to each other.

Synichi Yamamoto prepared two 30-minute clips of edited landscape material, field worked in Japan and Iceland and shot by Yamamoto and Fuller, with the same editing method and different effects, and slowly overlapped them with a cycle of parameters generated by TouchDesigner at the venue.
The work created a once-in-a-lifetime image that was born by chance on the spot.


Art work by
  • Corey Fuller & Synichi Yamamoto