Colure (2019)

The rhythm of nature, the orbit of the planets, the coming and going of people. Various colures intermodulate to create the present.

Colure is a new collaboration between sound artist, Corey Fuller, and visual artist, Synichi Yamamoto. Commissioned by Toshima City in Tokyo, Japan, for a new park and public space, Ikebukuro Nishi-guchi Park, Colure creates a quiet area outside of the third busiest train station in the world. In astronomy, Colure refers to “either of the two principal meridians of the celestial sphere. The equinoctial colure is the meridian or great circle of the celestial sphere, which passes through the celestial poles and the two equinoxes. The solstitial colure is the meridian or great circle of the celestial sphere which passes through the poles and the two solstices." Like its astronomical counterparts, Colure's composition is made up of several concentric layers in motion which are in harmony yet never intersect. Colure is a permanent artwork that airs twice every hour from sundown until midnight on a large screen with a multichannel sound system.

Video and the sounds of differing colures will resonate to create a rich, quiet space in the city's center.

新しい池袋西口公園のGLOBAL RINGのために制作された常設アート作品。
そして、単語の響きが色彩をの意味の「Color」にも似ています。天体の運動により生まれる現象のように、複数の同心円の運動が調和しながらも同期せず 重なることによってうみだす音と色彩です。

Art work by
  • Synichi Yamamoto + Corey Fuller
Visual Artist
  • Synichi Yamamoto
  • Corey Fuller
Digital Artist
  • Seiichi Sega
  • °F
  • Masakazu Kagami
Public Relations
  • Kumiko Inutake
Global Museum Creative Director
  • Jun Nishida(Drill-inc.)
Global Museum Technical Producer
  • Keisaku Ibuki (Drill-inc.)
Global Museum Producer
  • Akira Ohishi
Artist Curator
  • Shuichiro Iwanami (MUTEK.JP)
  • Junichi Takekawa (MUTEK.JP)
  • In collaboration with MUTEK.JP