Yoakeh Hijab design (2018)

We created a new textile design for hijab through collaboration with Zenta Yoshie’s fashion brand, Yoakeh. Zenta Yoshie is the founder of Yoakeh. He built up his career as a TV commercial director and produced numerous visual works.

Since Yoakeh wanted to take a different step from the traditional designing process, they got in touch with Omnibus Japan to seek a completely new narrative in its textile design.

The first approach in the process began by capturing mathematical beauty in our design. This is the idea we share with our visual contents production. While the design has sophisticated and cutting-edge elements to it, it also inherits “Modest Fashion”, the religious basis of Muslim belief as its main concept. Along with Yoshie, stylist Makoto Washizu joined the discussion and decided to take in generative design in its production procedure. Generative design is usually used when creating visual contents. After we create a geometrical pattern, we then re-construct it through generative design and create complete design for hijabs.

Within our designing process, we use a real-time simulation program called “Touch Designer”. It is capable of simulating how the design will appear when the hijab is actually worn. We finalize each design by making real-time adjustments on this program.



映像でとり組んでいるテーマと共通する数理的な美しさをデザインに落とし込むアプローチで、理知的で斬新であると同時にブランドコンセプトの源流にある宗教概念に基づいた独自のファッションスタイル「Modest Fashion(慎み深いファッション)」の併せ持つデザインを吉江氏、スタイリストの鷲頭マコト氏とともに検討し、実際の制作には映像制作の手法のジェネレイティブデザインをデザイン工程にとりこみ、そこから得られたパターンを再構成させて一枚のデザインとして完成させています。


Founded in 2018, Yoakeh is a hijab fashion brand created by Japanese TV commercial director, Zenta Yoshie. Yoshie first encountered the beauty of hijab in Jakarta, where he visited for his TV commercial shooting. When he saw the Muslim women in hijab, its one-and-only fashion style based on their religious belief “Modest Fashion” attracted Yoshie. Soon after Yoshie teamed up with stylist Makoto Washizu and CG production Omnibus Japan to create a hijab design with completely new geometrical patterns.
Yoakeh participated in the largest fashion show in Jakarta – the Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 (which took place from October 20th to 26th, 2018). This event attracted a lot of attention from media such as CNN Jakarta and also held press conferences.
In the following November, Yoakeh held a pop-up shop in Jakarta’s major shopping mall, the Senayan City’s Fashionlink Blackvenue. The pop-up lasted for 3 months (until March 2019).
In addition to its success, Yoakeh now signed a deal with an E-commerce giant, BliBli on handling its hijab.

2018年 吉江善太氏(日本のCMディレクター)が立ち上げたhijabブランド。
吉江氏がCM撮影でジャカルタを訪れた際に現地イスラム女性のhijab着用姿の美しさ、宗教概念に基づいた独自のファッションスタイル「Modest Fashion(慎み深いファッション)」に魅せられ、スタイリスト 鷲頭マコト氏、日本のCGプロダクション オムニバス・ジャパンと協力して新たな幾何学模様のパターンを配したhijabの作成を始める。
ジャカルタ最大のファッション・ショー Jakarta Fashion Week 2019 (10/20~26)に参加。
記者会見も開かれ、現地CNN JAKARTA等のメディアにも取りあげられる。
その後11月〜大手ショッピングモール Senayan City 「Fashionlink Blackvenue」にて翌年3月までの数ヶ月間にわたってpop up shopを出展。
更に大手Eコマースサイト BliBliでの取り扱いも決まる。

Creative Director
  • Zenta Yoshie(Hideki Kuroda Office.)
  • Makoto Washizu(4D inc.)
Design supervisor
  • Synichi Yamamoto
Creative Technologist and Textile Design
  • °F
Textile Design
  • Yuriko Katagi
  • Takuya Aoki
  • Masakazu Kagami
Public Relations
  • Kumiko Inutake