DOLLHOUSE is a piece of work we did with a rock band called Radical Hardcore Clique. We directed a VJ-ing work which uses 2 layers of screen. These layers are made of high-luminous clear display and we mounted them on “MNGL”, a new-generation DJ booth. In the actual performance, we had the musicians stand right in the middle of the 2 screens.

Based on graphics created by Synichi Yamamoto, DOLLHOUSE created a world of crazy and psychedelic club scene using interactive technologies. For instance, we delay-mapped real-time 3D motion graphic and also created a physical simulation graphic which is based on mathematical super formula.

DOLLHOUSE was performed in [BRDG], a collaboration event of music and graphics, and at [ADIRECTOR vol.1-DOLLHOUSE], an event which enunciates ENTER-TECH (entertainment + technology). [ADIRECTOR] took place from August 4th to August 27th 2018. They rented a whole 4 story building facing the crosswalk of Harajuku. The main organizer of the event was a masked unit from Avex Music called [2nd Function].

高輝度透明ディスプレイを配置した次世代DJブース「MNGL」を使用し、アーティストRadical Hardcore Cliqueを中心に前後に設置された2レイヤーの映像をVJ演出しました。

山本信一のGraphicsをベースにDelay Mappingさせたリアルタイムの3Dモーショングラフィックや、super formulaの数式をモデルに物理シミュレーションさせた映像などを使用し、クラブシーンでのクレイジーでサイケデリックな世界観をインタラクティブに表現しました。

映像と音楽の交配イベント「BRDG」と、ENTER-TECH (エンタテインメント + テクノロジー)をかかげるエイベックス内の組織「2nd Function」を中心に2018/8/4-8/27の期間中、表参道交差点に面する4階建てのビルを丸ごと貸切った「ADIRECTOR vol.1- DOLLHOUSE」の会場で行われました。

  • BRDG
  • Radical Hardcore Clique
  • °F