This work has been entered in “Shinjuku Creators Festa 2018”.
It originated from the abstract image captured from people walking in Shinjuku, visualizing the image freely and flexibly.
The city of Shinjuku itself, the buildings and people - they all seem to be heading in a certain direction, growing and developing.
Though we are not quite sure what to make of these forms, we are simply struck by the beauty of their silhouette.
Seeing that it shares a common concept with a chemical reaction formula called “reaction diffusion”, we have incorporated into this piece of work a spontaneously created cycle pattern using Houdini and TouchDesigner.

Three different patterns of the work were presented on “Digital Signage EST VISION by LUMINE EST”.

その考え方はreaction diffusionという昔からある化学反応式ととても近かったので、自発的に生まれる周期パターンをHoudiniとTouchDesignerを併用し、表現の中に組み込みました。

「デジタルサイネージ EST VISION by LUMINE EST」で、3パターンの違った映像を展開しました。

Art work by
  • °F
  • Yusuke Tsutsumi
  • Masakazu Kagami
Public Relations
  • Kumiko Inutake