–People are attracted to each other and connected with an invisible bond. What draws us together like a magnetic force? Though it is something we cannot see, it is something that surely interferes as a relationship. -
We created this interactive installation to submit to the “National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) 3rd Geo-Cosmos Contents Contest” Live Contents Category. The theme for this competition was “Invisible reality”.
Here, the audience will pose and take a selfie using Kinnect. Then in an instant, your graphic data is transferred to “the Geo-Cosmos” and floats freely across its surface.
Each individual has their own magnetic power and it creates a repetition of connection and separation. Within this art piece, we expressed the bond between people by using an animation programed to give a sense of the mysterious magnetic force to the audience.
This art piece won the Winning Award in the Live Contents Category “National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) 3rd Geo-Cosmos Contents Contest”.

「目に見えないもの / Invisible reality」をテーマにした「日本科学未来館 第3回 ジオ・コスモス コンテンツ コンテスト」のライブコンテンツ部門に出品するために制作したインタラクティブインスタレーション。
「日本科学未来館 第3回 ジオ・コスモス コンテンツ コンテスト」 ライブコンテンツ部門 入選作品

Director / CG design
  • Yuuki Kawakami
Director / Development
  • Hideki Mikami
Development Support
  • Yoko Kimura
  • Takehiro Tokushige
Sound Design