The theme for “National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) 3rd Geo-Cosmos Contents Contest” was “Invisible reality”. We created an interactive installation named “inside” to submit to this contest.
This is an interaction art piece, where the audience tries to peek into the core of the “Geo-Cosmos”. In order to reach to the core, they have to sway their arms in the air as if to uncover the numerous layers of veil which completely wraps up the Geo-Cosmos.
As it reacts to the audience’s movement, the object surrounding the “Geo-Cosmos” gradually unravels. But the audience can never see the inside. Before the audience can go any further, the object wraps itself up again.
It is like a distant planet. It is like a tiny atom. It is like what is inside of you.
It is something we cannot see, but know for sure that it exists.
Human beings have kept on making attempts to understand and explain invisible things.
This art piece expresses human’s desire and thirst for knowledge and we pulled together the action of “searching” as its concept.
Previously the contents in this contest used to be one-way, where we just watched graphics projected on the globe. What led this art piece to win the honor of the Grand Prize in the Live Contents Category was its success in presenting interactive connection between the audience and the Geo-Cosmos.

「目に見えないもの / Invisible reality」をテーマにした「日本科学未来館 第3回 ジオ・コスモス コンテンツ コンテスト」のライブコンテンツ部門に出品するために制作したインタラクティブインスタレーション。

Director / CG design
  • Yuuki Kawakami
Director / Development
  • Hideki Mikami
Development Support
  • Yoko Kimura
  • Takehiro Tokushige
Sound Design
  • Free Babyronia