Sanctuary @ ALTERNATIVE KYOTO (2022)

We participated in ALTERNATIVE KYOTO, an art festival held in various locations in Kyoto.
The installation was created using a 12✕3m LED screen and was reconstructed from a 2020 work by Corey Fuller titled "Sanctuary" at the Muko Shrine, a historical shrine with critical cultural assets in Muko City, Kyoto Prefecture.
The ambient artwork, with its slowly shifting, vibrant landscapes, created a warm and healing atmosphere in the tranquil space of the shrine after sunset.
The space was crowded not only with fans of digital art but also with families and residents, who spent long hours gazing at the ambient artwork as time passed by leisurely. Instead of interactive or surprise works, we proposed an ambient, chill-out perspective to view the landscape and get a bird's eye view.

京都各所を舞台にしたアートフェスティバルALTERNATIVE KYOTOに参加。


  • Corey Fuller
  • Synichi Yamamoto