Nature in Okinawa is full of different kinds of light. The sun's rays, which change their expression from morning to afternoon and evening, the glow of light shining into the water, the sparkle of reflected bubbles, the pale light emitted by creatures at night, and many other lights are all around us.
In this day and age, when our daily lives have changed so much, I wanted to express the message that we should look for and gaze at the light that gives us even the slightest bit of hope.
Based on the concept of the three "Ds" (Dynamic, Drastic, and Dramatic), we filmed the nature and light of Okinawa with bold swimming scenes of creatures using an underwater camera and powerful camera work with a drone camera.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the screen surrounding visitors on three sides, we created a video work that visitors can enjoy as if flying in the sky, capturing the magnificent scenes from the fantastic sunrise to sunset seen from the Okinawan sea.


Art Director
  • Synichi Yamamoto
  • Yuuki Kawakami
  • Masakazu Kagami