Corey Fuller + Break Ensemble x Synichi Yamamoto @ MUTEK.JP (2020)

"Break Ensemble" is an acoustic ensemble that completely recreated Corey Fuller's ambient album "Break," released on the long-established NY ambient label 12K.
This live audiovisual performance with the "Break Ensemble" was held at SHIBUYA STREAM HALL.
TouchDesigner was used to construct a system that generates video while feeding back the signals of each part of the ensemble's performance, assigns video to MIDI keyboards, and improvises the video in time with the sound.
This performance realized an organic collaboration between acoustic instruments and video.

NYの老舗アンビエントレーベル12KからリリースされたCorey Fuller氏のアンビエントアルバム「Break」を、アコースティクアンサンブルで完全に再現した「Break Ensemble」。
その「Break Ensemble」との渋谷ストリームホールでのオーディオビジュアルライブ。

  • Corey Fuller + Break Ensemble
  • Synichi Yamamoto
Technical Support
  • Seiichi Sega
In collaboration with MUTEK.JP