[ TOPICS ] 2019.06.20 : “Shinjuku City Visualize” won a DIGITAL SIGNAGE AWARD 2019 for Creative Category Prize.

“Shinjuku City Visualize” This work is one of the exhibitions of the art festival “Shinjuku Creators Festa 2018″ in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo.

The program director, Synichi Yamamoto, has been joining on the large screen work for this event since 2013.

He tried to collaborate with various artists in and out of the company.

And also, we could see some works by Seiichi Sega+ Takuya Aoki, Yuuki Kawakami, Eri Tanaka in this event.

This work was highly esteemed by challenging to develop different expression from advertising expression in the large screen and providing an opportunity for motion graphic creators to present their works.


[Staff List]

Curation and Produce:superSymmetry by omnibus japan

Program Director:Synichi Yamamoto


You can see each work from the below.

“Voice of Vision”

“Geographic Tide”



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