[ TOPICS ] 2018.09.27 : Art works exhibited at the "Shinjuku Creators Festa 2018"

Artists Exhibition planning of Shinjuku Creators Festa that are deployed in Shinjuku of signage and large vision.
This year, the Synichi Yamamoto maker of large vision work from 2013 as a program director, participate more and more artists,Seiichi Sega,Yuuki Kawakami,Takuya Aoki,°F(Omnibus Japan) in the form of collaboration.


So far, has been facing the street vision of the hustle and bustle full of advertising and the amount of information in a work of art, this year dare under the theme of “Shinjuku of visualization (= visualize)”, expand the Shinjuku each of the artists has been interpreted to.

”Shinjuku City Visualize” is showing to 8 Oct.
Shinjuku Creatos Festa officail site

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