[ TOPICS ] 2018.02.20 : Produced VFX in the great-movie "Legend of the Demon Cat" of Japan-China co-production

The acclaimed director Chen Kaige presents a spectacular epic film about the greatest mystery in history, based on the best-selling Japanese novel by Baku Yumemakura, featuring Japanese and Chinese stars.
We produced CG/VFX through the whole story, especially “an evil black cat” that will be the key to the story is one of this movie’s highlights.

Please go to the theater to experience never felt before and see the spectacular scale-movie!


Release Date:24 February 2018.
Official Sites:Official site [China] / Official site [Japan]



Omnibus Japan CG/VFX main staff
Senior Visual Effects Supervisor:Norio Ishii
Senior Visual Effects Producer:Kenji Sakoda
Visual Effects Producer: Daisuke Sato
Visual Effects Supervisor:Yu Nishida
CAT UNIT CG Supervisor:Hirokazu Aoyama
CG Supervisor:Shingo Sato / Kenji Nagao
Compositing Supervisor:Hideaki Ogishima / Yoshinori Makino / Yuichiro Toyama
Matte Painter:Mihoko Takahashi



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