[ TOPICS ] 2017.08.29 : Art works exhibited at the "Shinjuku Creators Festa 2017"

A creative director Synichi Yamamoto’s art works will be exhibited at “Shinjuku Creators Festa 2017″. (from 23rd Sept. to 9th Oct. time-limited)
Furthermore, CG artists, Yuki Kawakami, Seiichi Sega, and Takuya Aoki will take part in the Festa as members of creator unit “superSymmetry”.
As the new trial, their installation arts will be exhibited at “Hiltopia ART SQUARE ” in Hilton Tokyo.
(from 28th Sept. to 3rd Oct. time-limited)


Please come and enjoy!

Shinjuku Creators Festa is taking advantage of the Shinjuku of genes that foster a wide variety of culture and art, it is a major art event of the summer.
Shinjuku of attractive development through art, aims to image up, working on a new bustle and vitality making.
In this artist exhibition, it is also an artist and first exhibited 11 new people. 29 artists to be the Festa record number is, adorned the Shinjuku town in the works of art variety of genres.

Held period:2017 August 1 to October 9
Meeting place:Shinjuku Station around various places


Please see website for the details

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