[ AWARD ] 2017.06.09 : Received the First Prize on GEO-COSMOS CONTENT CONTEST

This contest has being held as part of the Miraikan(National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) “TSUNAGARI” Project from 2014.


Theme of this year is “Invisible reality”


Co-production work “inside” by technology developer, Hideki Mikami and CG designer, Yuuki Kawakami got the First Prize on Live Contents category out of 66 Entries from all over the World.
Furthermore, “Kuttuku” by both Mikami and Kawakami got Winning Award on Live Contents category.
Yuuki Kawakami got the Grand Prize following 2014, 2015.
Grand Prize works in the “Movie category” and the “Live Content category”, will be screened, for one year, and the winning works will also be screened for one month from Sunday June 4, on the Geo-Cosmos as permanent contents.
The aim is to express the human desire for knowledge and the act of searching. With the Geo-Cosmos covered in numerous objects, sensors detect viewers raising and moving their arms to push around the objects on the Geo-Cosmos. As the objects are gradually revealed, the Geo-Cosmos hides them before one can see what is inside.


Director / Development:Hideki Mikami
Director / CG design:Yuuki Kawakami
Producer:Takehiro Tokushige
Development Support:Yoko Kimura
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